Cost To Build A House And How To Save Money Building A Custom Home!

We saved ,000,000 by building a house and in this video we share how we did that! Watch to find out how much does it cost to build a house, how to save money building your own home, and why building a house vs. buying at market value can save you a lot of money!

First, we break down the cost to build a house, including the cost to buy land, and new home construction and building costs. We built our Dream Home in the heart of Toronto, Canada, so the Toronto housing market and Toronto real estate market significantly influenced our real estate investment including both the cost to build a house in Toronto and ultimately the final price and value of the new home.

Next, we offer tips on how to save money building a custom home. This includes thinking through your architectural drawings or house plans, floor plans, exterior design and overall home design. Additionally, this includes creating and managing a construction budget for the new build, selecting finishes, making trade offs, shopping around, and getting the most value from your Dream Home.

If you’ve ever wondered how to build a house, we are actually doing it again! We are building another new construction home – right across the street from our first custom home, and the new home is only going to get better! Subscribe to our channel to follow along our Dream Home building journey.

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